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Raggi X e Ultrasuoni

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Gilardoni offers products and services dedicated to four specific sectors:

  • security;
  • medical imaging;
  • non-destructive testing (NDT);
  • OEM.
Visit Security Our security products are advanced detection systems using Multi-Energy technology. This technology enables inspection of hand and hold baggage and is used not only in airports, but also in government and public buildings, customs facilities, railway stations, post offices and, in general, for any secure facility susceptible to terroristic attacks or any type of unlawful activities.
Moreover, for such markets Gilardoni designs, develops, produces, distributes and assists assemblies applying OEM.
Visit Medical sector Gilardoni medical product line consists of several systems using X-ray technology for diverse diagnostic applications. These include AGIL, a multipurpose remote controlled table, the mammography unit Sylvia and the mobile radiological units Mobilgil and Caleidon.
Gilardoni also designs, develops, produces, distributes and provides support for components including X-ray tubes, monoblocks and grids for OEM applications.
attrezzatura  CND per controlli a raggi X Gilardoni NDT products span over a wide range of different equipments, aimed at offering the highest level of quality controls and measurements for industrial applications. Our X-ray technology covers a range from 30 kV to 450 kV , both using radiotechnology or fluoroscopy and it includes analysis of digital images.
Furthermore, our ultrasound technology includes digital thickness gauges, digital flaw detectors, probes, accessories and components.
attrezzatura OEM  per controlli a raggi X Gilardoni is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partner with leading international companies in the biomedical and security sectors as well as a partner with international companies for special NDT applications such as the food industry. Its activities are dedicated to both R&D and supply of high-tech components.

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