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Raggi X e Ultrasuoni

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Since its foundation in 1947, the Gilardoni company has always made Research and Development its top priority. Not only we assemble our products, but we are responsible for the multidisciplinary research behind the products.

The research Center

The Research and Development Center has grown over the years, due to the expansion of our company, in proportion to the increase in our business. From our foundation as a company operating only in the medical sector, Gilardoni evolved first in the non destructive testing sector and then developed specialized technologies for the security market. In 1985 the Gilardoni R&D Center was recognised as being "Highly Qualified" by Ministerial Decree 9-10-1985 - L. 46/82 art.4. This decree reflects the highest recognition accorded by the Italian Authorities to firms which are leaders in advanced technology.

Our Know-How

Inside the Gilardoni Research and Development department we have expertise covering the following areas:

  • Digital Electronics Design;
  • Power Electronics Design;
  • Mechanical Design;
  • Software Development;
    • Microprocessor Control;
    • Image analysis;
    • Automation ;
  • Radiation Physics and X-ray safety;
  • High Vacuum Technology;
  • Ultrasound.


The Gilardoni Scientific-Didactic Center has published many significant works.
In particular, six fundamental texts on medical radiology, industrial radiology and radiology for artistic applications, as well as hundreds of other publications submitted at national and international Congresses.

The Scientific-Didactic Center holds periodic training and refresher courses for operators in the fields of biomedical technology and non-destructive testing.

Available Areas

  • The main laboratory is of about 1500 m2 and includes the electrotechnology team, the software team, the hardware specialists as well as assembly and testing of new prototypes;
  • The high vacuum X-ray tube laboratory is part of to the tube production division and, therefore, it supervises the efficiency of the equipments throughout the overall production process, verifying the quality of operating procedures; said laboratory covers an area of about 100 m²;
  • The mechanical jobshop produces parts especially designed for prototyping and covers an area of about 400 m²;
  • The laboratory dedicated to developing the ultrasound sector applications and Non-destructive Testing technologies covers an area of about 150 m².

Customer Support

In addition to the support provided by our own qualified service engineers, Gilardoni also offers scientific and technical support for our customers through our research laboratory providing the following types of support:

  • Scientific;
  • Consultancy;
  • Training support;
  • Customization of systems;
  • System upgrades;
  • Development of new and innovative solutions.

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